5 Skills You Can Learn From Personal Financial Planning Podcasts

Do you want to improve your money skills, take control of your finances, or learn about investing? Then a personal financial planning podcast could be an easy and often free tool to get you there. But what can you learn by just listening to one or more of the many personal finance podcasts available? Here are a few of the most important skills you can develop.

Talking About Money

Discussing money is, unfortunately, considered taboo for many Americans. People may feel very emotional about money, they may be embarrassed by any financial failures, or they may have been raised to not talk about it. If you're in this situation, simply learning how to be okay talking about money is a vital first step. 

Budgeting Successfully

Few people enjoy budgeting. Not only does it often feel like you must deny yourself what you want, but it can sometimes be hard to create a workable budget. While a podcast won't make a home budget for you, it will teach you how to build and tweak one. And, more importantly, they'll help you craft something sustainable. 

Investing for Beginners

Many Americans who should invest more don't. Fear of the market and uncertainty about how investing works keeps them from earning more. Podcasts are a great way to educate yourself because they tackle small topics in manageable size chunks. You won't have to buy a textbook or try to understand complex terms too early. 

Avoiding Lifestyle Creep

Once you start out on a journey to control your finances and make smart choices, you must stay the course. However, this is particularly hard in a commercial, materialistic, and increasingly expensive world. Have you tried to get control but couldn't keep it going? Then you may need the regular reminders, small tips, and encouragement of a podcast that focuses on long-term stability. 

Building Side Income

Multiple income streams are more popular than ever, and for good reason. A balance of passive and active income is one key to lifelong financial stability. If you have conquered the basics of money management, it may be time to strike out in search of ways to build more sources of income. Targeted podcasts help you find opportunities, tailor them to your personality, and run a successful enterprise. 

Where to Start

Which of these skills could you use some help developing? No matter what your money weaknesses and challenges are, a personal financial planning podcast or two could be an excellent tool. Find out by trying out a podcast with a focus that appeals to you today.